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Amazing Colorizing

BLOOD AND GLORY: THE CIVIL WAR IN COLOR brings this important historical event to life in a 4-

part documentary series as never seen before. With unprecedented access to government and private

archives and state-of-the-art technology – over 500 rare and compelling black & white photographs

have been painstakingly colorized to illustrate the story of the Civil War in breathtaking detail.


Amazing Colorizing
Amazing Colorizing was a member of the international team colorizing historical photos of the American Civil War for the History Channel mini-series, "Blood And Glory - The Civil War In Color".
Two of our many colorizations for the documentary appear in the video loop at the top of this page  
(the image of the sailors aboard the ironclad, and the aerial view of Charleston, South Carolina).
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Royal Alberta Museum

Edmonton,  AB,  Canada

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Amazing Colorizing
Amazing Colorizing
Amazing Colorizing
Amazing Colorizing was commissioned
by Canada's prestigious Royal Alberta Museum for their year-long
exhibit, "Chop Suey On The Prairies",
a colorful celebration of Western Canada's Chinese Restaurants.
The exhibit was a huge success,
capturing the imagination of the public,
and garnering extensive coverage by Canadian TV, Radio and Newspapers.
During "Chop Suey's" debut week, museum traffic increased by 68%.
Amazing Colorizing
Amazing Colorizing
Amazing Colorizing


Washington, DC

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Amazing Colorizing was chosen
to colorize a collection of 1865 pen & ink sketches and photographs
for Washington, DC’s gala “Grand Review” celebration and parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.
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Amazing Colorizing
Amazing Colorizing
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Amazing Colorizing


The Grand Review Parade
featured over 1,500 marching Civil War

reenactors, and women dressed in their 1865 finest. Unlike the original Grand Review, 150 years before this parade

was covered on C-Span 3.

Our colorizations were used as official promotions, including the cover of the event’s souvenir book, and colorful t-shirts commemorating

the 150th anniversary of the end

of the American Civil War.


During and after the celebration, our colorized images were also on exhibit at the reknown African-American Civil  War Museum in Washington, DC.

Art - Africal-American Civil War Museum


Amazing Colorizing

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