Where it all began


Amazing Colorizing - Riding The Perfect Wave

Amazing Colorizing came to life in the beautiful beach community of Ventura, California - a world-famous surfing spot - home to The Rincon, Surfers Knoll, Surfers Point and Mondo's. Our piece of the Pacific Coastline would inspire ANY surfer or graphic artist.


It all began in December 2001 as an experiment to see how lifelike Photo Colorizing could become. At the time, photo colorizing was just a primitive novelty. That was about to change.


David spent hours and hours over several years putting his photo software through the paces - pushing the bar on how real colorized images could look.


In 2010 we gained a #1 Ranking on Google - and got “discovered”. In no time, artists around the world found what we were doing, copied us, and the field of Historic Photo Colorizing “exploded”.


We're still here at our studio on Redwood Avenue in Ventura, California -  and we still get a thrill out of making historical photos come to life. 

This is where it all began

It's EASY to get started! . . . . . 

Call David:  (805) 585-0420

(Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)

When emailing, you can help expedite things, by attaching your Black & White images. Scans of at least 2400 pxls (legnth) up to 6,000 pxls (length)

PHOTO:   Girls out for a drive along the Pacific Ocean near the famous Santa Monica Pier in California (1934)


Sheryl Lynn Chrenko: Head Honcho & Sole Proprietor, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Colorization Review.


Sheryl has a degree in Fashion Merchandizing, and spent many years with The Broadway and Macy’s. She is gifted with an eye for style – and “Style” is what sets Amazing Colorizing apart from the pack.


While realism is key  in our work - you can usually spot our unique sense of style. Sheryl helps define the balance, She’s also the final set of eyes reviewing all colorizing work. But, her favorite role is that of Accounts Receivable . . . counting the money!

David Chrenko:: David  is our Colorizing Artist.

His backstory includes: Session singer & bass player at Warner Brothers Studios, and leading Los Angeles new wave recording band, The Bings (”Please Please Please" on Babymoon Records).


He was a graphic designer at Bomp! Magazine and Bomp! Records

label in Hollywood, and later, worked in logistics on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner program in Everett, Washington.


David pioneered the Historic Photo Colorizing field beginning in 2001.

The genre that is so popular today, kicked off with David’s colorizing

experiments over 20 years ago - right here at Amazing Colorizing.com.

Joshua Ness: Josh is our  “Website Whiz Kid”.

Josh grew up in South Africa. Upon returning to the States, he caught the eye of our niece, Taylor. 


Josh works with David in designing the website, and updating it, to

keep it fresh. They develop it using WiX.


Sure, we’re biased - okay, REAL biased. But, we think Josh does a great  job of web design and other techie things. We think you will, too.

You can visit Josh at Gr8ness Media:  https://www.gr8nessmedia.com