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Welcome to Amazing’s photo blog, "And Then There Was Color".

Our studio is celebrating 20 years colorizing black & white photos for clients from Honolulu to the French Riviera. Our customers include top museums, television documentaries, publications, promotional merchandise - and families like yours. Contact us today at

Amazing Colorizing

How about that! And we didn't pay her to say it. Sheila's another satisfied customer.

Now, on to our Blog post for Easter 2021 . . . . .

Amazing Colorizing

Easter Sunday 1941 on the Southside of Chicago. These handsome young men are stylin' as they sit on the family car - waiting . . . and waiting for mom and dad to take them to church.

Color by Amazing Colorizing really brings this scene into the 21st Century.

Just in time for Easter Sunday 2021, we're taking Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine 80 years to Easter Sunday 1941. In black & white, this is pretty much a random photo. The details of the scene all seem to blend together in shades of gray. It's easy to miss all that's happening in a photo such as this.

While I've always been able to appreciate vintage black & white photos, I've found the medium to be pretty one-dimensional. It's fine for what it is (though, in some cases I prefer the original state, and won't touch it) - but, the world wasn't black & white - even way back then.

Let's venture back in time to when 5 very stylish boys sat on the hood of a car in the colorful springtime of their Southside Chicago home?

Well, what do you know? Here we are back in good ol' 1941 - the way it was meant to be seen!

Amazing Colorizing

For the "date-conscious", Easter Sunday fell on April 13, 1941. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor lay 8 months in the future. But for the time being, life in Chicago was "Solid, Jackson!"

We invite you to visit the Amazing Colorizing website, and see what we can do with YOUR vintage black & white photos. 2021 is our studio's 20th year serving the general public and commercial enterprises with eye-catching colorized images! - David Chrenko (Color Artist)

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