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Updated: Apr 3

Welcome to Amazing’s photo blog, "And Then There Was Color".

2021 is our studio's 20th year colorizing black & white photos. Our customers include top museums, television documentaries, publications, promotional merchandise - and families like yours. Contact us today at

Forward Into The Past!

By now, you must think we love colorizing the history of Schenectady, New York. And you must further think we like our "Official Teen Correspondent" Chase Tallman.

Affirmative on both counts. Welcome Back to Chase Tallman's Schenectady!

To dispel any rumors, no, Amazing Colorizing isn't based in Schenectady. Actually, we're clear on the other side of the country - Ventura, California. Truth is, Chase commissions us to color some of the best B&W images we get to work on, and this image just happens to be our first colorizing project for 2021.

When colorizing historical photos, a lot of time and effort is invested in research. Our best estimate is, the scene was photographed in the late-1880s, based on the uniform of the policeman, as well as bills of sale we've located for J.W. McMullen Marble Works.

UPDATE: Chase just emailed us that he believes the photo was taken during the great Blizzard of '88 - and since the customer is always right - 1888 it is!

Yet, it's reminiscent of the "Christmas Carol" era of Charles Dickens some 40 years before. Of course, Dickens lived in England - and this image is America.

But, just like Charles Dickens, America has a colorful story to tell (do you see what I did there?)

This is a perfect set-up for me to briefly explain how to commission us to restore & colorize your Family Photos.

First, you email us your Black & White photo image. We'll evaluate its image clarity, to ensure you'll be happy with the finished colorized version. We prefer payment in advance of work, via PayPal - and we can set that up during our chat or by email.

We'll email you an enlarged and restored Black & White jpg image and an enlarged Colorized jpg image - usually within 48 hours. You can copy these files to a flash drive and take them to your local printing service, like FedEx Office (aka FedEx-Kinkos) or Office Depot.

You can easily upload them to an online print service such as Snapfish. This is especially handy, if you want to print your colorized image as a Canvas Wrap.

If you have a printer at home, you can cut out the middle man. Contact us today! - or call David at (805) 585-0420.

Now, Here's Chase's Colorized Image - Color by Amazing Colorizing

Visit our Amazing Colorizing webiste!

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