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Updated: Apr 3

Welcome to Amazing’s photo blog, "And Then There Was Color".

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Went The Trolley

It's time again to visit our "Official Teen Correspondent" and see his latest Amazing Colorizing photo. Welcome to Chase Tallman's Schenectady!

If you follow our Blog, you know that Chase commissions us to colorize some of the most-fun B&W images we get work on. Today's image is no exception.

The year is 1914, and the town, of course, is Schenectady, New York. Accross the ocean, Europe is already embroiled in World War I. Chase wasn't born yet. Chase's parents weren't born yet. Chase's grandparents weren't born yet! The photo would probably have been lost to the ages, except for Chase - who wanted to see it in color. I don't remember how we found the original Black & White online, but it caught our eye. In just a couple days, we emailed it to Chase, and it now sits in his collection of colorized history.

America has a story - and Chase is doing his part to preserve and display it. In fact, he's already reminded us that it's time to help him pick out 4 new images for his Christmas order!

This is a perfect set-up for me to suggest that restored & colorized Family Photos make a great Christmas or Hanukkah gift.

You email us your Black & White photo image(s) - we'll review it to ensure you'll be happy with the finished colorized version. We prefer payment in advance of work, via PayPal - and we can set that up during our chat or messaging.

We'll email you an enlarged and restored Black & White image and an enlarged Colorized image - usually within 48 hours. You'll receive jpeg images you can load on a Flash Drive, if you choose - and take to your local Print House or at an online print service such as Snapfish. If you have a printer at home, you can cut out the middle man. Contact us today! - or call David at (805) 585-0420.

Now, Here's Chase's Colorized Image - Color by Amazing Colorizing

Visit our Amazing Colorizing webiste!

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