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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

( It's really New York State - but that doesn't rhyme . . . Our apologies to The Eagles, lol )

Welcome to Amazing’s photo blog, "And Then There Was Color".

Our studio has colorized black & white photos for over 18 years, Our customers include top museums, television documentaries, publications, promotional merchandise - and families like yours. Contact us today at

We're back visiting with our customer and resident teenage colorization fan, Chase Tallman.


" I love colorized photos because I want

to see what the past looked like in color.

-- Chase Tallman

Little did we know when Chase first contacted us in September 2019, the treasure trove of historic Black and White photos he had amassed, waiting to be colorized.

To begin with, told us he was a 17-year old high school student. THEN - he emailed us a mile-long list of every historical figure from Nebuchadnezzar to Buddy Holly.

We're thinking, "This has to be a prank. No teenager knows who all these people are."

We asked to speak to his mom.

She assured us, Chase was on the level. But, as it turned out, Chase had received a quote from one of our competitors - "PhoJoe" - and we couldn't top their price, which was absurdly low. Chase wanted to go with them.

Well, PhoJoe is pretty good - but, they're not "us" (he chimed-in modestly). But, afterall - we did launch the Colorized History genre and became the first Photo Colorizing-Dedicated Studio on the Internet nearly 20 years ago. We to assure Chase that we could exceed PhoJoe on realism. Then we waited . . . . . and waited . . . . .

And one day, a colorizing order arrived in our email. Chase had reversed his decision - and chose Amazing Colorizing. Let me tell ya - this kid knows how to negotiate!

It's a real blessing knowing Chase. He lives in Schenectady, New York - nearly as far EAST in America as we are WEST, here in Southern California!

Our newest feature on - the Photo Gallery, began as a suggestion from Chase about two months ago. It took a lot of time and effort to create, but the results were well worth the investment. Thank you Chase. As we say at the beach, "You're a Dude!"

Now, back to our story . . .

Chase emails us regularly to find out what we're up to - and WHEN we're going to feature some of the photos we've colorized for him. Well, Chase - it's time to share our 2nd installment of "Chase Tallman's Schenectady".

You 've got a wonderful collection of photos - and we're so glad you want to share them with America. We thank you again, Chase Tallman - Amazing Colorizing's "Teen Correspondent".


Locating the scene of vintage and antique photos can often be quite an undertaking. Such was the case with this corner in Scheneactady. I was finally able to narrow it down to the corner of State Street and Erie Blvd. looking North.

And VOILA! . . . Thanks to Amazing Colorizing - You're back in time, and it's the 1940s.

Here's the same street corner as it looks in 2020. Quite a change.

Thanks, Chase, for another great vintage photo of your town!

We'll be featuring more of "Chase Tallman's Schenectady" in the near future. Until next time!

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