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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Welcome to Amazing’s photo blog, "And Then There Was Color".

Our studio has colorized black & white photos for over 18 years, Our customers include top museums, television documentaries, publications, promotional merchandise - and families like yours. Contact us today at

TV New Anchor, Patrick Emory in a 1975 publicity photo

During the two decades that we’ve operated our colorizing-dedicated studio, we’ve transformed more than 1,000 images in full-color. Our client roster includes some of the most-prestigious museums in the United States and Canada.

Today, our family of clients stretches from Honolulu to the French Riviera.

Our work has also been featured on The History Channel, and as promotion and merchandise graphics for Washington, DC’s “Grand Review Parade” (as seen on C-Span).

Various authors have also trusted Amazing Colorizing to provide colorized historical photos for their books and magazine covers and articles.

From the world of Entertainment, we’ve colorized publicity photos for world-famous magician, The Amazing Kreskin, and for Hollywood film legend and “Queen of Technicolor”, actress, Maureen O’Hara,

And we colorize photos for families just like yours.

Today’s photo I did for myself. So, today I’m not only a photo colorizer – I’m a customer, too!

I came across this 1975 publicity photo of TV News Anchor, Patrick Emory, who in 1975 happened to be my next door neighbor in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles.

If memory serves me right, Pat was the news anchor on KNBC-TV. He was a very nice guy, quite the athlete, and movie star handsome.

Pat was a popular CNN news anchor beginning in 1981, the first year of the cable network.

This guy had been my LA neighbor? I should've called him for a job. Nah, I could never have handled "Hot-Lanta's humidity. Thirty-five years later, I became a Network News & Commentary Producer with the Salem Radio Network, based here in Southern California.

In the ‘70s, aside from his work in Los Angeles, Pat spent time on St. Louis TV – and in 1981, began a 10-year stint on the fledgling CNN network. His photo is an excellent representation of how realistic an Amazing Colorizing image can look. Give us a try. We think you’ll be very pleased. ~ David Chrenko, Photo Color Artist, Amazing Colorizing

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